Zarzis, a double-faceted Tunisian city

Tunisia has been the point of intersection of many ancient civilizations. Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Andalusians, Italians and French followed one another and left remarkable traces. We are thus led to discover a rich historical and cultural heritage. Nature and modernization have also offered places of relaxation in the big cities especially on the coast.

The city of Zarzis is also part of these coastal towns favoring a successful holiday. An exciting journey is therefore on the agenda in this part of North Africa during cruises in the Mediterranean with Aarcroese.

What does the city of Zarzis look like?

Zarzis is a peninsula located in the south-east of the country. It is especially particular because of its geographical location. On one side, it is on the coast and has about fifty kilometers of sandy beaches and a seaside resort very busy. Its strong point is also its proximity to the island of Djerba about ten kilometers. On the other hand, it is close to the desert, which will allow holidaymakers to make fun trips to Matmata, to Tatouine and its ksour, its fortresses and a fabulous oasis. However, we must not forget the presence of cultural sites including an archaeological site, a medina, remains of temple, museum and others.

How to discover it?

As for seaside stays, its beaches decorated with wild palm trees offer a white sand, a turquoise water ideal for peaceful holidays. Moreover, the island of Djerba, accessible by the Roman road, has characteristics identical to those of Zarzis if a visit tempts you. The hotel facilities are outstanding and are able to satisfy visitors.

Otherwise, it is possible to take a walk in the medina for some shopping or to visit the museum of Zarzis in the old church of Our Lady of the Guard with its archaeological and anthropological collections. The Great Mosque or the archaeological site of Gightis also deserve a tour to understand the details of the history of the city.

If not for a change of scenery, Zarzis is a gateway to a fabulous Tunisian desert. In particular, on the way, one admires the dunes of sand and the palm trees of Grand Erg. The view is mostly dominated by an arid landscape, austere but original. The troglodyte houses of Matmata always impress. The Berber village of Tamezret exposes an incredible labyrinth. The Ksour, these castles in the desert seem to be frozen in time. But to complete the visit, the huge oasis of Gabes offers a refreshing setting.