Journey to the End of the world: the most beautiful African landscapes

Africa is a vast continent full of countless unmissable and unusual places to absolutely visit during a trip. Tourists who come there will have the opportunity to discover a wide variety of landscapes ranging from Algerian deserts, waterfalls in Zimbabwe and Congo to beautiful postcard images of the coasts of the Indian Ocean islands. While touring this territory, travelers of the world will have the chance to admire the impressive Victoria Falls which straddles the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. While making a stopover in Namibia, they will appreciate the high red sand dunes of Sossusvlei in the Namib Nakluft Park, 60 km from Sesriem. On site, you can also see the DeadVleï or the dead valley. It's a kind of white clay bowl. Continuing the road to Senegal, adventurers will immediately be fascinated by the magnificence of Lake Retba, known as Lac Rose by its color. This place is located on the Cape Verde peninsula. It is a large lagoon of 3 km².

Un Africa trip is also a perfect option for discovering unusual places. As they fly over the southwest of Mauritius, vacationers will admire a natural phenomenon, which cannot be found anywhere else called an underwater waterfall. In fact, it is a sandfall offering a form of waterfall. In addition, exploring the region also takes hikers to explore the Chamarel region. They will be drawn to a magnificent landscape of land rich in volcanic ash and oxidized minerals. It is "the lands of the seven colors of Chamarel". After having spent pleasant moments in Mauritius, backpackers can continue their adventure by taking a flight to Madagascar. The big red island is known for its cultural and natural riches. The visit of the alley of the baobabs in the region of Menabe is one of the unmissable ones during stays on Malagasy soil. This site is home to gigantic trees over 800 years old.