Visit Tunis, the Tunisian capital

Just a few hours from France, Tunisia offers a total change of scenery and a large number of surprises. Palaces, fortified villages, fishing villages, a medina and souks, or long and beautiful beaches of fine sand as well as succulent culinary specialties, all this forms the Tunisian landscape.

One of the most popular cities in the world is Tunis, its capital, an ideal destination for vacations all year round.


The city of Tunis at a glance

This city overlooks a hill by a lake. It is just located a few kilometers from the Mediterranean coast of the African continent. With an exotic charm, it offers a myriad of attractions for seaside holidays. With its old city center, it exhibits impressive historical sites and heritage, ideal for cultural stays. However, you can always combine culture and relaxation in this part of Tunisia by opting for aCosta cruise at Aarcroisiere.


The best sites to explore and activities to do


Once arrived in Tunis, we hasten to visit the historic heart, which is the famous district of the Medina, the old town full of souks selling different products, narrow streets leading to mosques, schools, mausoleums where the 'we admire typical architectural styles.

On the side of the port suburb of La Goulette, a more lively atmosphere will be present even late in the evening and especially at the end of the week. Its restaurants also offer delicious menus to complement this special atmosphere. Its long sandy beach is also available for relaxation. But at the same time, it is possible to explore the Ottoman and Spanish forts as well as the gate of the Old Arsenal near the road to Tunis.

Sidi Bou Saïd, about twenty kilometers from Tunis, is a picturesque district overlooking a cliff by the sea. This village is best known for its Arab-Andalusian style, hence its whitewashed buildings and blue doors. The activity here is concentrated around the small square Sidi Bou Saïd with its cafes, the most famous of which is the Café des Nattes, its souvenir shops and pastries. The Zaouïa Mosque, its beach and its marina will be irreproachable places to enjoy a stay in Tunisia.