An immersion in Korean culture

Less open than its neighbor, North Korea is a state that travelers are reluctant to visit during their expedition to the Korean peninsula. Yet this country closes some wonders still safe from tourist sights. Local gastronomy is a good example. A stay North Korea would be a boon to taste specialties like kimchi which is a mixture of peppers and vegetables macerated in brine. This recipe has several variations, but among the vegetables that can be found in the dish, there are Chinese cabbage, white radish, red peppers and onions. In addition, it is not uncommon for shrimp or other seafood to be added to the ingredients. Everything is garnished with ginger, salt, garlic and sugar for the delight of gourmets in search of new flavors. Often, this Korean traditional dish is served with rice or soup

Hanbok, the Korean traditional clothing

Like many countries, Korea, both South and North, has a traditional outfit, the hanbok also known as joseonot. This costume can be worn by a man or a woman depending on the model, but in both cases the set is brightly colored and is designed with simple lines. The female version is composed mainly of a kind of bolero (the jeogori) and a wide skirt (chima). As for that of men, it consists of a wide trousers with the western cut closed at the ankles (baji) and a short jacket. These two types of costumes are complemented by some accessories, including socks (beoseon) and a long coat for men. This folk dress is put on special occasions. Tourists can put it to mingle with the masses at parties, especially since it is easy to find in this country.

Chuseok, an event not to be missed during a visit to Korea

Among the events during which holidaymakers can wear hanbok, there is the Chuseok running 15e 8 daye month of the lunar calendar. This festival celebrates the generosity of the land to the people of the Korean peninsula. For the occasion, in the morning, family members gather to give thanks to the ancestors. During this ritual and especially during the visit of the ancient tombs, the locals take advantage of it to pull the weeds around the last houses of their ancestors. Once this "homework" is done, the family shares a delicious meal prepared with freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. On the menu, tourists will surely see songpyeon. This is a rice cake stuffed with beans or sweet sesame, a specialty to taste absolutely during the prestige travels Korea. Aside from this, during the ceremony, the Koreans organize atypical entertainment such as Ssirum wrestling competitions, tug of war and dances.