Top 5 sites to visit during a visit to Tunisia

Stay in Tunisia ... 5 sites to visit absolutely

Bordered to the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia is a state of North Africa. This small country in the Maghreb (a region in North Africa) has everything to boast of being a tourist destination of choice in Africa. In lack of inspiration for your next holidays, why not go to discover Tunisia and its most beautiful sights? Here is 5 not to be missed under any circumstances ...

The Bardo Museum

Located in the suburbs of Bardo, the Bardo National Museum is a museum of the Tunisian capital "Tunis". Due to the incredible richness of its collections, this beautiful museum is considered one of the most important museums of the Mediterranean basin and the second museum of all the African continent (just after the Egyptian museum of Cairo). Retrace the fascinating history of Tunisia over several millennia through this unique visit. You will find lots of collections of Roman mosaics, an important collection of marble statues (representing Roman emperors and deities) and many other exceptional masterpieces.

Carthage Land Hammamet park

If you are traveling with family in Tunisia, do not miss visiting the park Carthage Lang Hammamet. This is undoubtedly one of the most visited sites and one of the most beautiful amusement parks in Tunisia. Young and old will find their account. Discover more 10 hectares of play space, culture and recreation. Guests can enjoy ten attractions that will delight the whole family. Among them, you will not miss the journey of Hannon (fast river), the temple of Baal (pirate ship), red lizard, the great Moloch (walk in giant cups), the mini zoo, inflatable games, etc. After a day of relaxing in the park, enjoy a night of well deserved rest in one of the most beautiful luxury hotels from the city.

The National Museum of Carthage

Among the most important archaeological sites of the country, certainly retain the National Museum of Carthage. This beautiful unique museum is located on the hill of Bysra. It is an almost mandatory step for any history buff, discovery and art who venture to the heart of the city of Carthage, Tunisia. Once inside the museum, you will realize the magnitude of what the city facilities of yesteryear. You will find a wide collection of stelae (a monolith monument erected religious, memorial, funeral ...) and baetyls (a sacred stone of varying shape, revered as an idol) ... but also the Punic and Roman collections.


Lovers of beautiful landscapes will not miss the visit of Lake Ichkeul. It is a beautiful lake in the north of the country. Note that it is part of the Ichkeul National Park. Every year, thousands of birds stop on the lake and swamps. It is a real little paradise land for ornithologists, nature lovers and landscapes. Lake Ichkeul is known worldwide for its incredible fauna and flora. It is also the starting point for many excursions. The main cities around the lake are the cities of Tinja, Menzel Bourguiba and Mateur.

The archaeological museum of Sousse

Founded in 1951, the archaeological museum of Sousse is a Tunisian museum located in the beautiful city of Sousse (a port city in eastern Tunisia located about 100 km from the Tunisian capital). It should be noted that it is one of the main museums in the country, as the museum houses the largest collection of mosaics in Tunisia after that of the National Museum of Bardo cited above. Its collection covers a period ranging from the 2nd century to the 4th century. You will also find terracotta figurines, pottery, stelae, funerary furniture, ex-votos (an offering made to a god asking for a favor), etc.