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Asian trips

Much more than a travel designer, Marco and Vasco is above all a philosophy of travel. Indeed, the trips proposed by this tour operator are focused on sharing, conviviality and especially contact and human encounters. Here are some examples:

Discover on all the travel circuits offered by the travel agency specialist of this fascinating country of Southeast Asia. Malaysiaveo organizes various trips to Peninsular Malaysia to meet the modernity of its capital Kuala Lumpur, and East Malaysia to discover the riches of its verdant nature, on the side of the jungle of Borneo.

With Japanveo, treat yourself to a trip to Japan for the land of the rising sun. From Tokyo to Kyoto, through Osaka and Nara, meet Japan with your passion: culture, history, traditions and civilizations, you will be served!

Want to discover Bali, Indonesia's most coveted island of tourists in the archipelago of Indonesia? Choose the trip that suits you on and enjoy your dream holiday on a multi-faceted island: rice terraces on hillsides, white sand beaches, crystalline lagoon, etc.

Located in the southern part of the Asian continent, caressed by the Indian Ocean, the Maldive Islands are among the most paradise seaside destinations on the globe. Maldivesveo offers you the opportunity to go on holiday on these beautiful islands, find travel offers on

A destination a little further ...

The countries bordering the Caribbean Sea have so much to offer in terms of tourism. Check out two of them, including Cuba and Jamaica with Cubaveo, a travel agency specializing in the creation and organization of trips to these two countries.