Venture into the heart of Argentine culture

Argentina borders with Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay. It is a country that attracts a good number of tourists not only through its wonderful natural shows, but also to its cultures, including dance and music. These are elements strongly related to the traditional and contemporary life of the country. Each region has its style of choreography and song according to their history as well as their way of life, but the best known is the tango. This one was born in Buenos Aires, between 1850 and 1900. It is at the origin of a mixture of culture due to the great immigration which took place in this country. This kind of sport was a way for boys to seduce girls. Indeed, his music and his lyrics are provocative. His choreography is also a sensual and precise body expression. In addition, holidaymakers can discover the tango in the milongas, ballrooms for this dance.

Enjoy the Argentinean gastronomy

The Argentineans are heavy consumers of beef, up to 180 kg per year per inhabitant. An important part of its gastronomy is based on meat such as Milanesa. It's a beef cutlet with Milanese breaded and fried. Its preparation consists in slicing a very thin meat, plunging it into a mixture of beaten eggs as well as bread crumbs and putting it in the oven. Travelers can enjoy it in all restaurants in the country. This dish is often the cheapest of the card. The famous Asados ​​is also a must-do when visiting this country. It is a barbecue party between families or friends. In addition, local people love desserts and especially sweets, especially the dulce de leche. The latter is a very sweet milk jam. It is eaten with flanks, pancakes, cakes, ice creams and fruit salads.

Attend national holidays in Argentina

Moreover, during a circuit in Argentina prestige trips, tourists can attend national festivities, including the feast of the revolution. The latter is a celebration in memory of the day when this country (former Spanish colony) gained independence, the 25 May 1810. At that time, local Creollos (residents) gathered in front of the Cabildo in Buenos Aires to demand their autonomy. So, all 25 may, families eat together typical dishes of this revolutionary period like pastelitos and empanadas of meat. Besides that, the 11 December is a famous festival not to be missed, the Día del tango. This is the day of tango in Buenos Aires, the birthday of Carlos Gardel. On this occasion, the bourlingueurs will have the opportunity to attend the big milongas organized in the street in the city center and in front of the presidential palace.