Some peculiarities of Brazil that make it a favorite tourist destination

Brazil is renowned for being one of the world's holiday destinations thanks to its countless seaside resorts. Thus, millions of tourists come to undertake their tailor-made trip to Brazil almost at any time of the year. For backpackers wishing to discover one of the paradisiacal places of the territory, for example, they can go to Ihla Grande. This island is the largest in the state of Rio de Janeiro with an area of ​​about 193 km². The sets that compose it are similar to those found on postcards. Indeed, they consist of turquoise lagoons bordered by tropical forests, mountains, bays, etc. Activities related to the sea are legions in this region of Brazil. Among those that you should not miss, there are scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, surfing, etc. The majority of these attractions are offered by tour operators.

The Iguazu Falls, natural jewels that will put the eyes on tourists

Apart from its seaside resorts, the Brazilian regions are also known for its natural wonders. One of the most impressive in the country is probably the Iguaçu Falls in the state of Paraná. You should know that these are sheltered by the eponymous national park. Holidaymakers in search of an unusual natural spectacle will surely be delighted to admire waterfalls (more than 200) jumping several meters high, close to 80 m for some. In order to facilitate access to different points of view, observation bridges have been specially constructed by the managers of the Iguaçu reserve. Visitors can approach the falls as close as possible without running the risk of falling into the water. However, backpackers accompanied by their children will have to be extra vigilant, especially if their toddlers are a bit turbulent.

Samba, one of the cultural heritages of Brazil

Holidays in Brazil are not only about discovering seaside resorts or contemplating natural wonders. Indeed, a trip to this globe region is also an opportunity to soak up the local culture. For example, music and dance are part of everyday life for people living in this part of the planet. If there is a musical genre that is similar to Brazil, it is of course samba. The latter is both a dance (couple or solo) was born in the poor neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of the XXst century. At first, it was the former slaves from shantytowns who practiced samba. Later, this art enjoyed great popularity to the point where it is considered one of the essential of every edition of the Carnival of Rio.