Some tips on planning your trip by camper

Are you planning to go on a motorhome trip? It's a good idea to start your vacation. Apart from the many stops that will make you discover and admire new and more beautiful surrounding landscapes, this type of trip promises more than rewarding benefits. However, you need to refer to some tips to carry out your trip. Here are some of them.

Plan the route and follow the charter of good behavior on the road

With the motorhome, you can browse all the sites that interest you while being comfortable. In order to save more time, you will need to plan your circuit first. Consider the distances your car must travel. Avoid at best tiring yourself with long distances. Plan breaks to take full advantage of the scenery that surrounds each destination you visit.

Once underway, you must also set a good example to other campers. The good conduct charter stipulates that you must respect the nature that surrounds you, you avoid regroup or to park in prohibited places, you will have to be polite, discreet and in perfect harmony with local, etc.

Choosing the parking mode

When you're camping, it's always predictable to spend the night somewhere else. If only to ensure your safety on the trip, you must choose in advance a place and a parking mode adapted to your route.

You have the choice between "Gamping", municipal or private camping areas and wild camping. The campsite is intended for all travelers wishing to be received by people with land to accommodate them. Municipal campsites are sites of geolocated parking areas that are closest to your course. And wild camping, as the name suggests, refers to parking in public spaces in nature. For the latter option, try to respect the rules on the spot.

Manage the autonomy of your camp

Normally, a special "motorhome" car has a range of 3 to 4 days maximum. However, know that this depends unconditionally on your consumption of water, electricity and gas.

You need to regularly monitor the level of water, electricity and gas. For water for example, your average consumption should be between 7 25 liters per day and per person. For electricity, this depends, among other things, on weather conditions. For example, in winter days are shorter and colder and therefore travelers are forced to spend most of their time indoors and turn on the reheat and other camping equipment (TV, microwave, boiler, etc. .). So remember to fully charge your battery before you leave. For gas, meanwhile, a bottle of 13kg that lasts nearly 6 days should be enough for you to perform different tasks.

For your holidays to be a real success, here are some examples of destinations to spend your next trip by camper: the USA, which is one of the key destinations for this type of trip. And if you go to Europe, know that the choice is also multiple. You can for example travel to Norway, Iceland, France and all other European countries with your motorhome to live unforgettable adventures. So what are you waiting for?