Peru, conquering a lost civilization

Le Peru travel is an opportunity to discover a civilization dating back several millennia.

After traversing the vast Amazonian forest, adventurers can try to uncover the mysteries of these giant drawings of Nazca, works of crazy artists or symbols of extraterrestrials, the question arises. This getaway in the heart of the most marvelous of the Andean countries is lived freely to the rhythm of each traveler.

A destination rich in history, Peru becomes an inevitable stopover during a stay in South America.

Indeed, on the spot, various activities are proposed, to mention only the excursions in mountain or the visit of the ruins of Machu Picchu.

The art and culture of its inhabitants fascinate and also reflect their harmonious past, and the great diversity of its landscapes only enhances its natural charm.

On the other hand, Peru stands out for its unique architectural heritage.

In Lima, for example, it is not only the capital of this Andean country, but also a megalopolis that combines modern architecture and historical monuments.

Here, a multitude of buildings open their doors to visitors, such as Plaza de Armas, Lima Cathedral, and many more.

Obviously, this city is probably a stopover of choice during a visit to Peru.

Archeology enthusiasts can come to the edge of Huascarán National Park, one of the most popular places to follow in the footsteps of an ancient civilization, the legendary Jaguar cult.

Once on the spot, one remains speechless in front of the vestiges of the temples and the sanctuary set up in the middle of the pyramids.