Open a bank account in Morocco

For a person wishing to settle in Morocco for business or for any other reason, open a bank account in Morocco is recommended.

Specific documents are needed to do this. Only a foreigner living and working in Morocco

with a resident card can open a bank account if he does not know the steps to follow.

Here are some tips that can help during administrative procedures.

Open a bank account in Morocco:

 Having a bank account is advisable for foreigners established in Morocco for the purchase of airline ticket for example.  

Be aware of interest rates, fees, overdrafts ...

The recommendations:

For foreigners, it is best to choose a bank employing staff speaking French as in the companytransavia. An account opening in Morocco is possible for a foreign resident card when is obtained.

Money in cash preferable to the traveler's check:

Foreign currency in cash is preferable to a traveler's check. Some banks and institutions do not admit them in Morocco. A person is entitled up to 10 000 $ US in cash upon entry into the country. For practical reasons, keeping an account open in your country of residence is advisable.

Possibility to open a bank account without being resident:

As a tourist, opening a bank account is refused by Moroccan law.

However, the bank of the country of origin is able to take the necessary steps with the bank chosen in Morocco.

Just wait for the necessary permissions.