Otherwise organize a tour in Africa

Africa is a large continent that covers an area of ​​about 30 415 873 km². It is full of natural riches and interesting countries to discover. Bourlingueurs will be able to lead an expedition to Tanzania, for example. Lake Victoria is one of the highlights of tourism in this country. Indeed, this place has a fauna and a tropical flora. There is the famous Nile crocodile, freshwater turtles and more than 450 species of fish. This place is also home to several varieties of birds. It also houses various types of plants. Botanists will find something to feed their curiosity during a visit to this lake. They will observe water hyacinths or lotuses. In addition one can see along the shore vegetations like ferns, ficus and papyrus that can reach up to 5 m high. Besides, this area is suitable for a nice safari or fishing. The dry season is from June to September, it is the best time to discover this lake.

Make an expedition to Twyfelfontein in Namibia

After visiting Lake Victoria in Tanzania, tourists can head south-west to Namibia. This country is one of the best tours Africa thanks to its fascinating attractions like the Twyfelfontein. It is an archaeological site housing more than 2 500 petroglyphs. This place is in the Kunene region, in the Huab Valley. It was inhabited by hunter-gatherers once. They used this place as a place of worship. Moreover, the drawings that can be seen on the stones are the graphic representations of these rituals. Twyfelfontein has one of the largest accumulations of rock art in Africa. UNESCO has added it to the World Heritage List in 2007. Visitors passionate about archeology will find what to do with their stay in this cradle of African history. Aside from the rock art collection, backpackers will find an arid landscape

Visit the inevitable uShaka Marine World in South Africa

To complete this tour, South Africa is one of the must-see destinations. Indeed, this country has beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches and protected areas as breathtaking as each other. Among these wonders, one can visit the famous uShaka Marine World. It is an 16 ha water park located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban. This recreational area contains the 5e largest aquarium in the world that can hold up to 17,5 million liters of water. At a living in South Africa, travelers will be able to observe marine animals such as sharks or ribbed seahorses. You can also see dolphin and seal shows. It will also be an opportunity to please young people in the entertainment area of ​​the park with slides and other activities. Lastly, hangmen will have the opportunity to buy souvenir items at uShaka Village Walk.