Madagascar, a paradise destination for travel lovers

If you are a lover of travel, head for Madagascar nicknamed the Red Island. It is located at 400 kilometers east of the African coast. This beautiful island combines a well-preserved culture, a welcoming population, natural sites rich in biodiversity, breathtaking landscapes and heavenly beaches. The island will satisfy your thirst for adventure during your stay. Below are places you can not miss, especially in the north of the Red Island.

Relax on the paradise islands around Nosy Be

Nosy Be or the Big Island remains a dream destination par excellence. This jewel of the Mozambique Channel offers several idyllic islands. They are easily accessible by boat from the small harbor of the Big Island. When you trip to Madagascar, plan a stay in some of them. Among these, do not miss Nosy Komba. It is closest to the main island. During your visit, you will meet warmly with the villagers where you will discover their crafts. Lemurs will also come to receive you against some bananas. You will surely be seduced by the beauty of its beaches. Hotels are waiting for you in case you want to sleep there.

For diving enthusiasts, go to the south of Nosy Be to visit Nosy Tanikely. Besides the beauty of the island with its white sand beach, it is one of the most beautiful dive sites in the region. Similarly for Nosy Sakatia, off the west coast of Nosy Be, tranquility, a paradise beach and an exceptional dive site combine for a memorable stay. For nature lovers, its forest trails reveal its natural treasures such as chameleons, wild orchids and bats. Moreover, if you make a long stay in Nosy Be, the other islands such as Nosy Iranja, Nosy Tsarabanjina, Nosy Faly or Nosy Mitsio will reveal the beauty and authenticity of natural Malagasy treasures.

Sainte-Marie Island

The island Sainte-Marie or Nosy Boraha or the Pirates Island, so many qualifiers for a single island. It is located off the northeast coast of Madagascar. This former haven of pirates offers a dream environment, especially with its deserted white sand beaches and fishing villages. During your stay, a stroll through the village of Ambodifotatra is essential to soak up its lively atmosphere. If you have the chance to visit Sainte-Marie Island between July and November, you will be able to see humpback whales. Do not miss the island of Mats, located at the southern end of Sainte-Marie. It is a small paradise of white sand beaches lined with coconut palms and a blue lagoon. Other islets are also waiting for you as the islet Madame or the island aux Forbans. If you are a diving and snorkeling enthusiast, Lounkitsy Bay is a perfect natural aquarium.

Diégo-Suarez and its natural sites

Diégo-Suarez or Antsiranana is a province located in the extreme north of Madagascar. It is undoubtedly an essential step during a stay in Madagascar. During your visit, enjoy the city of Diego to discover its many colonial houses with colorful facades and mosques with minarets. Take a tour of the harbor, colorful market and French military quarters. You can also go through Diego Bay and observe the sacred island of Nosy Lonjo. Exit the city to reach the 3 heavenly bays such as Pigeon Bay, Sakalava Bay and Dunes Bay. You must know that they are made of white sand and a turquoise sea. A small tour in the fishing village of Ramena is also essential to get to know the warm villagers. Your visit will not be complete without having made a small trek in the Amber Mountain National Park which is composed of a humid primary forest. Lush vegetation is there. To close this stage, rent an 4 × 4 to join the Ankarana Massif about a hundred kilometers south of the city. You will find caves, canyons and underground rivers. Do not miss the karst landscape of Tsingy.