Honeymoon under the sign of love and nature!

La honeymoon is without a doubt the most memorable moment in a couple's life. The secret to an unforgettable honeymoon is choosing the destination.

In order to find the perfect address to celebrate this memorable event, travel agencies remain the ideal option.

For the organization of a romantic holiday abroad, Marco Vasco is the tour operator to remember.

He already has a long experience in this field. With her help, the lovebirds will be sure to spend magical honeymoons.

Among the most popular countries for newlyweds, Colombia is the most famous. A place where love is always at the rendezvous.

In Colombia, lovers will be left speechless in front of the beauty of this country that holds many wonders.

For example, in the Amazon, one can admire a most impressive fauna, to name only, parrots, armadillos or colonies of micos.

Concerning the tourist activities, on the spot, the lovebirds will be able to offer a boat trip on Lake Tarapoto.

This place is the haven of pink dolphins in the Amazon. With a little luck, on the banks, we can observe caimans sunbathing.

By and large, the Amazon is the dream destination for honeymoon and romance honeymooners.