The Zarzis peninsula formerly called Zita or Gergis, is located in the south of Tunisia offers the particularity of being at the entrance of Djerba, between sea and desert. Its population is 75000 inhabitants, lives off fishing, olive tree cultivation, trade, and tourism. Its proximity to the island of Djerba (10km) is a major asset for discovering this fabulous island. As well as its proximity to the international airport of Djerba-Zarzis has favored the development of tourist activity in recent years. The city now has more than ten hotels. Also, its proximity to the desert allows excursions to Matmata, Ksar Ghilane and Tozeur. It enjoys an enchanting site, in a palm grove, in the middle of olive trees. It is built on the site of the Roman city of Gergis. It is a sponge fishing port. Its beautiful sandy beaches framed by rocky sectors, very suitable for underwater fishing, are among the best in the country and make Zarzis a very famous tourist center, as well as becoming an important seaside resort.

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