Located in the north east of the country on the Mediterranean coast, Tunis the capital of Tunisia. Its strategic geographic location, between Africa and Europe, between the western and eastern Mediterranean, gives it an administrative, commercial and financial role first. Indeed, Tunis was a Berber city, living in the shadow of Carthage. She began her installation in the VIII century when the Arabs created a trading post. It widens around a medina, which exists until today, favored mosques. The Tunisian capital takes you for a tour between modernism and tradition. Between archaeological sites with a famous past, museums of great wealth and expressive architectural heritage. Tunis offers its tourists many places to visit such as (the Kasbah of Tunis, the Bardo Museum, the medina of Tunis, Lake Tunis, Sidi Bou Sid, ...). Today it is a modern city with its old restored neighborhoods and a modernized city center. Transport is improved with the entry into service of the light rail, and the construction of flared road axes assembling its varied avenues. Its Tunis - Carthage airport is resized to acquire a traffic of 4,5 million passengers / year. With a hotel capacity of more than 13000lits, its guests will find a wide choice of establishments ranging from glitzy places to budget hotels within reach of small grants.

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