Located southwest of Tunisia and north-west of Chott el-Jerid, at the gateway to the Sahara and in an environment made of palm groves and oases, Tozeur is a city with a religious past known for its literati as its contemporary geography , dotted with marabouts, testifies. It has become an important tourist hub for both domestic and international tourism with its international class hotels, golf course, museums (Dar Cherait and Chak-Wak) theme parks and its international airport which puts Tozeur at 3h most European cities. The Dar Cheraït museum is the first private museum in Tunisia created in 1990, hiding a collection of many works of art presenting the life of Tunisian families during distinct eras. That of Chak-Wak is even more interesting to visit! In the 1990 years, the Tunisian government begins the development of Saharan tourism. A dozen luxury hotels are born to attract travelers with unforgettable stays in the heart of desert and oasis. Today, Tozeur has become a city visited by local tourists to explore its Sahara, its famous waterfalls and large date palm oasis. Excursions for one day or more are intended to visit this city as well as others very close such as Tamarza, Douz and Matmata. During these tours, the tourist can have fun by 4 * 4 or quad rides in the desert, camel or carriage rides in the heart of date palms. A stay or more in this beautiful Tunisian region at low prices is not to be missed!

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