Tabarka is located in northwestern Tunisia, this small coastal town is nicknamed the city of coral thanks to its seabed appreciated for its extraordinary corals. This beautiful tourist town is blessed with an adorable marina with a marina, forty luxury hotels and a beautiful golf course. It is in essence a distinct region at all points of the other tourist places of Tunisia. [gallery ids = "1740,1739,1738"] In the far west of Tunisia's northern coast, the ancient fishing village has now become a popular tourist resort in summer for its great weather, beautiful blues beaches and the beauty of its natural environment. Its geographical location between sea and mountains, brings together natural and tourist benefits to create Tunisia a perfect destination for spa tourism. Tabarka is also appreciated for the beauty of its seabed and coral fishing. It is now a favorite destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. The originality of this city is undoubtedly present in the diversity of its natural landscapes, marked by the presence of the sea, the forest and the mountain. The curious of nature will discover their account; they can go to the shores of Lake Ichkeul, the most eternal national park of Tunisia which receives many migratory birds in winter especially ducks, coots and greylag geese. The houses of Tabarka have a style totally different from all the other houses of Tunisia; whether they are at the seaside or in the city center. They are all decorated with red tiles on the roofs. Almost all buildings in the area keep this style identical, which makes them even more beautiful.

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