Hammamet is certainly one of the most admirable and attractive seaside resorts in Tunisia. Located 60 km south of Tunis, and at the entrance to Cap Bon, Hammamet offers visitors an air of freshness and friendliness. It has long been renowned for the quality of its blue beaches and the warm welcome of its inhabitants. The city offers many tourist attractions: a real Kasbah, a fort at the fishing port and lots of small restaurants and cafes. Nowadays, you have at your disposal a wide choice of hotels, divided between the ancient city of Hammamet and the modern one. You will discover as many diversity as there are architectural styles during your stay in Hammamet. The essential attraction of Hammamet lies in its endless uninterrupted beach of fine sand and bordered by numerous charitable hotels. It would be a shame not to devote a little time to visiting this wonderful city. Go on vacation to Hammamet and choose the stay offer that suits you!

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