The largest cities in Central Asia

Tourists who travel to Central Asia, to the land of "stan", will certainly have the opportunity to stay in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Located in the east of the country, near the Kazakh border, the city covers more than 335 km². Modern, it has, however, beautiful monuments and historical sites that mark its history. We can, for example, talk about the Place de Tamerlan. This place was built for the glory of the Communist regime. Before 1996, statues of Lenin, Stalin, Karl Marx and a Russian general succeeded one another. Currently, we see the large equestrian statue of the great conqueror Tamerlan, the iron emir, behind which we can see the Palais des Congrès. The latter is a magnificent masterpiece by a German architect whose style was inspired by ancient mosques. In addition, the Timurid Museum is right next door. This building is recognizable with its gadrooned dome. Some objects dating from Tamerlane's time are on display there.


Other essentials of Tashkent

A hike through the “Stone City” with an Uzbek guide takes vacationers to explore the ancient Broadway district. This is located opposite the Place de Tamerlan. It was the meeting point for people with easy manners, hence its unofficial name. Restaurants and game rooms characterized this area. Only the art dealers survived there after the decision was made to make Tashkent the "Capital of Islam" in 2007. There are many talented artists who know how to make portraits if globetrotters wish to immortalize this. stay Uzbekistan. In addition, the visit of the Independence Square is inevitable during this walk through the city. This site is characterized by magnificent fountains, well-groomed green alleys, sixteen marble colonnades connected by a metal roof and crowned by figures of storks that symbolize peace and tranquility in the Uzbek region. It hosts mass festivities during national holidays. It is, among other things, part of the favorite spaces of city dwellers to walk around.


A getaway in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz metropolis

After this trip to Uzbekistan, the bourlingueurs will continue their adventure to Kyrgyzstan. While staying in Bishkek, they will notice that the capitals of Central Asia are almost alike, thanks to their urbanism dominated by traditional architecture. Among the most famous buildings of the city, the Academy of Sciences was inspired by the palaces of the Orient with openwork window frames. This Kyrgyzstan holiday is an opportunity not to be missed to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. Open Tuesday through Thursday from 9h to 17h and Friday from 10h to 16h, the latter exhibits collections of local handicrafts, litanies of Russian and Kyrgyz painters from the Soviet period.