Japan and Vietnam, countries to visit during holidays in Asia


The Asian continent is invaded by tourists from around the world every year. Japan and Vietnam are among the most visited countries of the globe-trotters of the world in this region of the globe.

What should you know about Japan?

Japan is a huge archipelago comprising more than 6 islands which covers nearly 800 km². You should know that most of the country is largely dominated by mountainous areas. As for the climate, it is often influenced by an alternation of winds and sea currents that modify the weather conditions from one region to another. For example, in the north of the territory, especially on the island of Hokkaido, the climate is continental, characterized by harsh winters and mild summers. However, in the eastern part of the Japanese regions, where most of the big cities like Tokyo or Nagoya are located, the climate is rather humid subtropical type with mild winters and hot and humid summers.

What to visit in the land of manga and samurai?

If you are planning to spend your vacation in Japanese territory, why not start your adventures in Tokyo? This capital is a must for many travelers from all over the world thanks to the electric atmosphere that reigns there. Indeed, its charm and its asset come mainly from its innumerable stores, boutiques and shopping centers which develop everywhere in town. If this idea of ​​discovering Tokyo does not suit you, you can consult a Japan guide. In addition, the old city of Kyoto located in the east of the country and which was none other than the imperial capital of Japan between 794 and 1868 constitutes a real historical center not to be missed. You will find temples there as well as the famous "path of philosophy" famous for the flowering of cherry trees in spring.

Vietnam, another Asian country to discover

Apart from Japan, Vietnam or "the land of the dragon" is also a tourist destination that appeals to backpackers on vacation in Asia. If you are passionate about culture, this is the perfect place to visit during a Vietnam travel. Indeed, the territory is inhabited by many ethnic groups from Cambodia and China. It should be known that more than fifty ethnic groups are spread across all regions of the country. In the northern part of Vietnamese countries, for example, you will find the Dao, Tày and Hmong. The central lands are occupied by the Cham and are also present on part of the Mekong Delta. Finally, on the high plateaus live Raglai, Jarai and Rhade. All these communities have their own way of life and their ancestral custom.