The art of the Iranian table, a reflection of its culture

When we spend a stay in Iran, we see that each region of the territory has its own Own dishes and culinary traditions.

In general, it can be said that their common feature is On the use of many herbs, but also fruits such as plums, grapes,

les pomegranates and much more. A trip to Iran can discover many Specialties.

Travelers will certainly find in restaurants Premises a preparation made from rice concoctated with Iranian with meat,

lamb, chicken or fish. This is garnished with a good amount of garlic, onion, saffron, Dried vegetables ... In addition, backpackers will have the opportunity to savor ghormeh-sabzi.

This is a popular stew consisting of sautéed vegetables, including parsley, leek Summer, spinach and fenugreek leaves.

To this mix are also added Pinto beans, chopped civets and other variants.

Ābgoosht, an Iranian specialty to discoverDuring your stay in Iran, take the time to taste various typical dishes. Among the most succulents, you are invited to savor Ābgoosht. The latter literally translates to "juice of meat ". It can best be described as a concentrated and thickened mutton porridge

with chickpeas. Many ingredients are usually used to obtain this dish. In addition to these elements mentioned later, we also add potatoes, tomatoes, turmeric, onions and dried lime. This preparation is served in Traditional stone hooks.

She is presented on the table with broth in a other container. It is usually eaten with flat bread. It should be noted that Iran is not the only one enjoying this kind of food. It is consumed in many country, but with some difference, especially on meat. In Armenia, for example, people prefer beef rather than lamb. The kalleh-pâtcheh, the most served dish at breakfast Inherited long dates, the kalleh-pacheche,

served as breakfast, is a tradition gastronomic part of the Iranian culture. This is a broth of the head and Feet of sheep.

This heavy meal was reserved for the well-to-do classes of society. When you Stay in Iran, you will have the opportunity to taste this typical dish of the country.

To to live this experience further, you are invited to join the historic village of Meymand where you can discover a traditional restaurant.

This village is located in the province of Kermân. You will spend an authentic adventure with tables and of stone and wooden benches. In addition, you will have the opportunity to offer other dishes such as khâkepiâz, onion omelette, khoreshbâdemdjân, ragout Eggplant and much more.