Argentina and its gastronomic specialties!

We travel to discover the culture of a country, its customs and its gastronomy. So, welcome to Argentina!

With a travel specialist in Argentina, curious backpackers will have the opportunity to visit a country with an impressive gastronomic wealth.

This country is especially famous for the quality and freshness of its meat. It is the perfect destination for culinary arts lovers.

Indeed, most vacationers leave for Argentina just to taste Latin American recipes.

Among the popular dishes of Argentina, the famous "Churrasco" is the favorite of all.

His name comes from the Portuguese language for grilled red meat of beef, chicken or pork.

Local people are proud of this delicious dish and they serve it especially to the visitors they receive.

A way for them to make foreigners discover the full extent of the know-how of the Argentineans in terms of cooking.

"Churrasco" is an easy dish to prepare. Its recipe requires only a few ingredients and its preparation does not last long.

First, you must salt the pork or chicken and then cook it on the barbecue. As soon as the meat is well colored, simply cut it into strips.

After that, all you have to do is enjoy it with cassava flour or bread, according to everyone's preference.

On the Argentinean table, it is not uncommon to see a pungent made from red peppers, vinegar oil and especially white wine accompanied by "churrasco".