The Espressioni Art Gallery Art Room, is a cultural café.

Espressioni is a Tunisian company created to stimulate art and artistic expression in a welcoming atmosphere.

Espressioni wants to be a place of inspiration for everyone, but especially for young artists,

so that they find their place in the artistic world.

Further information :

Opening hours: Winter: From 09: 00 H to 21: 00 H / Summer: From 08: 00 to 13: 00 AND 17: 00H to 23: 00H.

Address: Place 3 August, avenue el Khalij El Arabi, city: Monastir TN 5000.

Languages ​​spoken in the establishment: French & English.

Managing / managing name: Adrianus Kik.

Email: [Email protected].


Mobile phone:


Our Address:

3 Square, Avenue El Khalij El Arabi, City: Monastir TN 5000


33.514320811575686, 9.598834639210736