Within the Cap Medina of Monastir, the famous restaurant Barberousse is located with a pirate ship and music, and a pleasant view at the seaside.

Indeed, the restaurant offers very delicious menus with several specialties.

You can make birthdays, gala dinners, DJ nights ...

Have fun, in a romantic and quiet environment.

Further information :

Opening hours: Winter: From 19: 00 H to 22: 00 H / Summer: From 19: 00 H to 00: 00 H.

Languages ​​spoken in the establishment: French & English.

Mobile phone: /

Address: Cap Marina, city: Monastir TN 5000.

Responsible name: Adrianus Kik.

E-mail: [Email protected].

Website: www.espressionigallery.com.


Our Address:

Cape Marina, city: Monastir TN 5000.


35.78135651907396, 10.833068050262455