El Méhari Douz, is a modern, three star hotel ideally located at the edge of the southern Tunisian desert in the historic district of Douz.

This magnificent hotel, can be an ideal place for those seeking rest and warm welcome at a cheap price!


Hotel El Méhari Douz admits 126 air-conditioned rooms and clean well.

Featuring a desk, telephone, bathroom or shower, premium bedding and free toiletries.


In its magnificent restaurant, the establishment presents you a good modern kitchen

and international in which you will taste fresh, light and delicious dishes.


The El Méhari Douz hotel offers various entertainment and leisure activities:

  • Two pools: an outdoor pool and another spa suitable for the treatment of certain diseases such as (rheumatism and joint disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis).
  • Douz Festival: The city organizes a big festival at the end of each year, which allows tourists to discover the distinct traditions of the city. In addition they will be able to participate to the races of greyhounds of the desert and méharis as well as the fantasia.
  • Walks camel or horse.
  • Table Tennis.
  • billiards


Our Address:

Mehari Douz Hotel


33.435927, 9.015977399999997