The "Fattouma Bourguiba" Hospital of Monastir was built at the beginning of the XNIXXth century thanks to the solidarity and voluntary action of the citizens of the region.

It opened in 1910 as an auxiliary hospital providing primary care.

It has acquired the status of regional hospital in 1968 by developing, in addition to general medicine, certain specialties including surgery, gynecology-obstetrics and pediatrics.

In 1980, the hospital-university vocation was recognized with the creation of the Faculty of Medicine.

There followed many extensions in building and the establishment of services of different specialties.
In 1994, the hospital, a public administrative institution, has been established as a public health institution. It currently has 33 services and 705 hospital beds.

It is nowadays a place of basic training and continuing education for all health professionals,

whether or not from university medical and health structures in the city and elsewhere.

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Avenue du 1er June, city: Monastir TN 5000.


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