DAKAR - Small tourist scams easy to get around

The Senegalese capital enjoys a very good reputation. In addition to its very welcoming population, the city enjoys a mild and temperate climate almost all year round.

Point of entry into West Africa, The Senegal receives every year thousands of tourists in search of exoticism and authenticity.

However, as in all tourist cities, Dakar the scams are all the rage. Jovago gives you a tour of the classics of these petty crimes that can easily be avoided.

When you get off the plane, do not get carried away by the change of scenery. You will notice very quickly young men who offer you exchange at very attractive rates.

The airport is teeming with subtle little swindlers. The technique is simple: as soon as the customer is shod, they count the money in front of him and such magicians will arrange to give him only a part of the coins during the transaction. It's the little money that will catch your eye.

Second adventure that may cost you very expensive, it is of course taxis. You must know that Senegalese have this ability to detect a newcomer.

Do not look for lunch at 14H, divide by three the price that will be given to you. In Dakar, you will quickly realize that bargaining saves a lot of money.

You are in Dakar to go out and visit this beautiful country; a trip to the market and the beach is essential. At the market Sandagayou will find at all:

electronic equipment, batik clothes, local handicrafts, fruits and vegetables. It is one of the biggest markets of the capital.

In this joyous hubbub, do not be distracted by the attack of touts. Take the time to find the product that suits you and once again: haggle!

And one last for the road, of a different type this time. For our female tourists, pay attention to "arna'ceurs",

these Don Juan to the "I love you" easy who roam the beaches of the capital and especially the small coast on the lookout for victims with a sensitive heart -

Once ironed, they will promise them wonders but are really looking for a one-way trip abroad and especially their pockets!