Colombo, a destination in its own right not to be missed in Sri Lanka


Colombo is an essential stopover on the Sri Lankan island. This city, formerly known as the "garden city of the Orient", seems an excellent starting point for a Sri Lanka tour. It is on the west coast of the country and is its center of economic activity. This destination is full of colonial heritage, markets and businesses. Its old neighborhoods are full of surprises. They are crisscrossed with restaurants where visitors can savor local cuisine. In addition, Colombo, the Sri Lankan economic capital, is made up of museums and galleries. It is to discover during the dry season, generally from January to March. During this period, the area is crowded with tourists. Thus, the bourlingueurs are invited to reserve their accommodation in advance. In addition, Colombo is typically decorated on the occasion of Vesak. It's a religious holiday that takes place in May. During the ceremony, the city is full of colors and lights.

The Fort district, a colonial jewel of Colombo

To begin their adventure, the throngers will be able, among others, to walk in the typical districts of Colombo starting from that of the Fort. This locality is punctuated by buildings dating from the period of British colonization. On the spot, the globe-trotters will see the old parliament become the seat of the secretariat of the presidency. They will also find the Republic Building sheltering, nowadays, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Apart from the administrative buildings, commercial monuments also abound in the Fort district. During their walk, tourists will notice the imposing Galle Face Hotel. The latter is the most visited site in Colombo with its restaurants, museum and seawater pool. In the south, travelers can enjoy a picnic on the lawn of Galle Face Green. There, they will enjoy their stay for a photo of souvenirs with friends or family.

Pettah, the most fascinating district of the city of Colombo

After a passage in the district of the Fort, go to Pettah. This is the commercial corner of Colombo city. This place is known for its shops and pharmacies. It is also famous thanks to the Jamir-Ul-Afar Mosque. This house of prayer is remarkable for its white and red facade. Besides, Pettah is home to the most interesting Hindu temple in Colombo, Sri Ponnambalam Vanesar Kovil. This building is located 2 km east of the territory. It is open from 16 p.m. To complete their discovery tour, backpackers will visit the Colombo National Museum. This gallery is the largest museum in Sri Lanka. She collects the throne and crown of the Kandy monarchy. It is accessible from 30 a.m. to 9 p.m. To end their journey, lovers will enjoy a pedal boat ride at Cinnamon Garden. This park is also a recreation area for children.