Climate of Italy and its famous islands

Climate of Italy and its famous islands

The Alps in Northern Italy

Italy, although famous for its Mediterranean climate, has several climates:

The north of Italy is covered by the high alpine mountains with the highest point Mont Blanc which is at the same time the highest point of France but also of Italy!
Temperatures in cities like Turin to see even Milan are very cold in winter and it even happens that it does not thaw for several days.
However summers are very pleasant: the Italian dolce vita.

Mediterranean climate from Florence to Naples

The temperatures are almost never negative on the coast unlike the center of the country very mountainous which experiences harsher moments.
On the other hand, the summers are often scorching, especially from Rome, and the climate becomes very hot in the big cities of the big Italian center.

The climate of southern Italy (Apulia to Sicily)

The winters are mild and temperate and it is not uncommon that houses are not even equipped with heating especially on the coast (check before renting in winter).
The summers are certainly hot but unbearable only in the big cities (Bari, Palermo ...) because otherwise the wind always brings a little sweetness except when hot air arrives from the Sahara and it is very very hard during the summer .
Warmly welcome the next holidays in Italy ...