Solo adventure in the heart of Seoul

South Korea is one of my favorite destinations in Asia. Unlike its neighbor, North Korea, it is more open to vacationers and without lying, locals are more welcoming.

This is the second time that I have undertaken circuit in South Korea. Last time I was in a tour group with guide and all the program.

I really did not have the opportunity to enjoy it. Visits were quick. We even went over certain points of interest to respect the schedule.

That's why, I decided to do this adventure solo and backpack ...

I am currently in Seoul, a megalopolis of 9,7 million inhabitants. This capital is home to a large concentration of museums and historical sites.

Here, karaoke, restaurants, nightclubs and amusement parks allow you to get away from it all. The discovery of the temples is also not to be missed. Believe me, there are many in Seoul. For example, during my previous tour, I visited Bongeunsa. This temple is located north of the COEX buildings. It was built in the 10e year of reign of King Weongseong of the Shilla Kingdom in 794.

Its pavilions are adorned with magnificent paintings. Drawings depicting the journey of Buddha are represented.

To return to my adventure today, I head to the Namdaemun market. There is no better place to shop at unbeatable prices.

Several products are sold there, such as clothes, ceramics, household appliances, jewelery, kitchen utensils and handicrafts.

In short, it's a paradise for shopaholics at discount prices.

It is also the perfect place for a total immersion in Korean gastronomy. You can eat noodles, pan-fried bindaetteok, jokbal pork knuckle, or boiled saber stew.