Monastir is located on the east coast of Tunisia. It extends under the protection of its Ribat, one of the most important fortresses in Tunisia. Its medina, its fishing port, its marina, its hinterland of villages and orchards make it a lively and welcoming destination.

Why create a travel blog?

Anyone who knows a minimum of surfing the net and who appreciates travel has at least once visited a forum or blog site talking about travel and tourism. These addresses bringing together many travelers collect a lot of information and they are really very useful. It is moreover by browsing this type of site that […]

Otherwise organize a tour in Africa

Africa is a large continent covering an area of ​​approximately 30 km². It is full of natural resources and interesting countries to discover. Backpackers can lead an expedition to Tanzania, for example. Lake Victoria is one of the key places for tourism in this country. Indeed, this place has a flora and fauna […]